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By May 26, 2013Pop Voice

We’ve said it before but we always hoped the best part of Today Media websites would be the comments we receive on the stories, opinions and news we publish.

Every once in a while comments stand out we think merit wider discussion. They are not always from those who agree with us.

Comments on the Post: Patty Discovers Cute Internet Cats

Jim Evans Says:
Can I assume that it is Mike who wrote this? The personal vendetta against Ross is pretty sad and it takes away credibility of this news source… “doing with their time ” That is absolutely right, it is her time. It is her personal facebook page. And do you know how much time it takes to watch a cat video and press share? Not nearly as much as this “paper” has spent writing and publishing this “story”. Why don’t you hold yourself to the same account, what are they doing with their time, what are you doing with yours? The difference is you are complaining about something that took no time and was done on personal time and space, versus you, wasting journalistic effort on this. It’s not as if she is hanging out smoking crack and calling other public figures by crude bigoted names, or committing election fraud and getting away with it.

Sandra Jenkins Says
What Jim said. Yeah. This is a news page? Really? Just looks to me like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel in finding ways to attack anybody whose opinions you don’t like.

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