Comparisons Between Political Will And A 3rd-Grader

By January 14, 2014Guest Columns, Hot Topic

By Regina Dalton.

A third-grader enjoys socializing.

Political Will : Politicians really enjoy taxpayer-funded catered functions, particularly if they are held in resort-style areas.

A third-grader loves spending other people’s money.

Political Will : Politicians are excellent at spending billions of taxpayer dollars. Provincially we’ve had the the trade & convention centre, upgrades for an arena benefitting professional sports teams, and the widest bridge in the world — one that now successfully funnels traffic to the Patullo & through New Westminster.

Federal types seem to prefer expensive military gear — particularly those that take flight — and massive buidlings for both the RCMP and CSIS, including liquor lounges for the Surrey RCMP palace.

A third-grader loves sports (and by the time they are a teenager, long, hot showers).

Political Will : On the municipal level ? Well subsidies for the HEAT and Global Spectrum are getting a tad boring, so I won’t even mention them. I will, however, take a sentence to ask what happened to the immediate need for a $300 million upgrade to our water supply system ? That would have been $300 million of borrowed money.

A third-grader doesn’t worry too much about the future, particularly when it comes to money — after all, money grows on trees, doesn’t it ?

Political Will : Politicians don’t seem too concerned when it comes to belting an albatross around the neck of succeeding generations. Those making these bizarre decisions are so “adequately” taken care of, increases in their own tax load are hardly noticed. And on the provincial level, it doesn’t really matter how high MSP premiums go — those are included in their benefit package. Increased ferry fares? Well they can be expensed now, can’t they ? and retired MLAs have free rides for the rest of their lives.

A third-grader loves to skip school, particularly when being held accountable — and they really like increases in their allowance.

Political Will : Sittings of parliament and the legislature are cancelled when our elected reps decide they’d like to avoid a tricky question or two. But that time off doesn’t keep them from voting for hefty wage increases for both themselves and their favourite bureaucrats.

A third-grader loves to travel.

Political Will : Then there’s the “trade missions”. Why ? one might ask, particularly after the Sauder School of Business provided a study that shows these junkets do not — in fact — bring increased economic activity to either a region, a province or a country. But heck, the travelling political types are treated like celebrities, so why not.

But wait, maybe we have finally found a difference — a third-grader doesn’t have a clue as to how to deal with those who require shelter.

Political Will : Oops . . .

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