Consider Taking Cruelty Off Our Tables

By February 11, 2014Food & Wine, Life

By Rasa Noreika. Huge things are made of little ones and each of us can make a difference simply by paying attention to our daily choices.

Photo from Mercy For Animals Canada

Nowadays, when most of us must spend the majority of our life earning money for living and don’t have enough time to spend with our kids and family, it should come as no surprise that we have very few moments to think of better life choices. Choices which bring a modest impact on our lives but can make a big difference in changing lives of the little ones with whom we share this planet.

One of the most impressive things which I have learned about Canadians is that they are the people who truly care about the wilderness, animals and pets. Many of them would rather take home an abandoned dog or cat, who needs special care, than buy a fancy looking pet from a breeder. My sincere respect goes to these people.

Although I am sure you take good care of your pets or any animal you would meet which needs attention or help, I would like to share my thoughts about opportunities to make less cruel choices when we buy products at store for our daily meals.

Some brands of canned tuna have a little circle sign with a dolphin that says “Dolphin-Friendly”. I would never have thought that dolphins may be caught by nets or by other means harmed during the fishing process until a friend of mine explained the meaning of the tiny sign on the can.

Chicken Photo from Facebook's page Horrors of The Egg Industry 10.16.2012.

Chicken Photo from Facebook’s page Horrors of The Egg Industry 10.16.2012.

Sometimes we don’t know (or simply forget) when we enter a store, that a large part of the foods on the shelves come from factory conditions which are more like animal Holocaust camps than anything most reasonable people would consider natural or humane. Most of us would be terrified to know all the details about conditions at chicken farms which, nowadays, resemble factories with the lights constantly on, day and night, in order to keep the birds more productive laying eggs. They are crowded into small cages and never see natural daylight.

The less cruel choice is free-range eggs. Usually they cost about 30% more but if you try them for a while you will notice the difference in taste and will never consider going back to the factory-raised ones. Free-range eggs are not only a less cruel choice but much healthier choice for you and family.

Buy as much animal food as you can consume without wasting it. If you choose to buy more meat to get a better deal, then slice it into pieces of your preferred size; grease it with oil; spice them with your favourite spices; put them into plastic bags (in one-time-batches) and freeze for the later use. Then when you will have a busy day or friends over, you will be glad you did it.

Remember that all animal food is considered high-risk and can be dangerous if kept in unsafe conditions. Refrigerate all high-risk foods such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products within two hours of purchase or preparation. The temperature of your freezer should be -18°C (0°F) or colder and the thermometer in your fridge should not show more than 4°C (40°F) to reduce the risk of food poisoning according to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care ( ).

I am sure you know many other less cruel choices. Please share them with your friends. Use Facebook to do so and your Friends will Like and Share it with others.

Remember that your less cruel choice can save someone’s life and is always a better and healthier choice for you too.

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