Could Drones Be Solution To Blueberry Cannon Standoff?

From Henry Braun. Are drones an answer for blueberry farmers in their fight against starlings? First picture shows (L-R) John Martin, MLA; promoter of the drone technology Jerry Kroll, President of Ascend Sports Management Inc.; Simon Gibson, MLA; BC Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick; and MLA Darryl Plecas. Second picture shows a drone in action (look hard!).

From Facebook.

For more on the Blueberry Cannon issue click here.

What Do You Think? Does this idea sound promising?

Drones 1
Dronres 2

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  • GeorgeFEvens says:

    Yes, Drones and/or incorporated with a Falcon, could realize an effective and acceptable noiseless means to control birds. This is thinking outside the box, as the saying goes, and symptomatic of progressive leadership needed as Mayor. Good idea for Henry Braun to join up with Abbotsford First Candidates for a winning team, I think.

  • D.Gibbs says:

    Yes, neighbours sure hope that drones will be a replacement for the cursed propane cannon! Common blueberry growers, get your kids into a fun-filled summer of flying a drone and protecting your blueberry crops, or hire a student to do so. Please give your neighbours some peace and quiet.

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