By James Breckenridge. I have never really been able to understand Abbotsford City Council’s spendthrift ways, council’s well demonstrated ignoring of the basic infrastructure needs of the city, ignoring even the most basic fiscally responsible or prudent behaviours or council’s wastrel squandering of taxpayer dollars on vanity projects.

I can understand the temptation of ego and the temptation of it being ‘free money’ because it is coming out of someone else’s (the long suffering taxpayers of Abbotsford who will be suffering long into the future) pocket.

One would have thought [hoped, prayed] the novelty would wear off and a sense of responsibility, of ethical behaviour, would have city council acting more as if the money was coming from their own pockets and not as if they had just won the lottery.

Hoped and prayed that council might focus on actions that would address, not worsen, the growing social issues the city is facing or focus on basics like roadways that don’t try to throw you off the road; or roads that are not cratered with holes that like to swallow small automobiles; how about roads with lane markings you can see on the dark, illumination challenged roadways of Abbotsford?

But No; Abbotsford City Hall continued to play with taxpayers money as if taxpayer’s pockets were bottomless.

What is, or could be, going on within the confines of Abbotsford City Hall ? Low oxygen content? Environment contamination?

And then, in a Thrift Store, I came across an item that would explain mayor, council and staff’s behaviours.


Until I found it in a Thrift Store I did not know the Game of Abbey-Opoly existed.

But The Game’s play within the confines of Abbotsford City Hall explains so much!

Mayor and city council spend taxpayer’s dollars as if they were play money because mayor and council cannot understand the difference between playing the Game of Abbey-Opoly and managing the City of Abbotsford.

Explaining why the mayor and council cannot grasp the value of taxpayer dollars, the needs – not wants – of the city and its citizens or the reality of homelessness.


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