Council Asks For Housing Options

City Council to Consider Rezoning Application for Future Supportive Housing Projects
Release. Abbotsford City Council has made a request that staff submit a rezoning application for Council consideration that will provide the groundwork for a future supportive housing project to be built in Abbotsford, announced Mayor Bruce Banman today.

Following the failed application for a supportive housing project to be located in downtown Abbotsford earlier this year, City Council directed the City to review potential parcels of land (including the old MSA Hospital site) that could be used for supportive housing projects in the future. In fulfilling this direction, the City will be making an application to Council in late October for a section of land on Gladys Avenue to be re-zoned for future supportive housing use.

“This proposed rezoning process for the parcel of land on Gladys is in alignment with the overall recommendations and direction of the Homelessness Task Force,” said Banman. “We believe this to be a proactive move in the direction of Housing First solutions for Abbotsford which supports the intent of getting
people directly into housing.”

By taking this action, the City also hopes to provide Abbotsford with a solid foundation for applying for funding from other levels of government for supportive housing projects; including the potential of repurposing the funding from the BC government that was originally intended for the housing project that didn’t proceed earlier this year.

“City Council is committed to exploring innovative opportunities for providing additional supportive housing options in Abbotsford,” said Banman. “If approved, it will provide greater certainty for funding partners and service delivery partners alike to commit to providing additional supportive housing in our community.”

The rezoning application is one of several stages of the approval process, the specifics of which will be provided to Council in an open meeting in late October, with a public hearing following shortly thereafter in early November.

“Although this process will follow the City’s regular, established procedures for Official Community Plan and Zoning amendment bylaws, it can be seen as a proactive step for Council in considering new initiatives that address issues of homelessness in our community,” said Banman. “The public hearing process will provide residents with an excellent opportunity to provide their feedback directly to Council regarding this proposed land use and zoning designation and we look forward to community participation.”

Updated information on the re-zoning application will be posted on the City’s website and in the City Page as information becomes available.

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  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    You would think ASDAC would have learned their lesson in 2009……..
    Council and ASDAC have failed to allocate land appropriate for affordable that would maximize benefits and reduce risks…………..they’ve been asleep at the wheel for eight years.

    Then, ACS came forward with a housing proposal, which included providing the land and the city jumped on the opportunity, given they
    still had not allocated land suitable for low barrier housing .

    They knew the property was C7 zoned, but, choose to ignore it,
    until the ADBA and Abbotsford Chamber, who said they’d supported
    the city council in all adversity…..except, we found out, when it
    involves select businesses in this city.

    What a debacle!

  • Bas Stevens says:

    Talk about a set up!

    Council asks staff to submit a rezoning application! Is one to assume that this is a “done deal”?

    This request just goes to show, in my opinion, how desperate Bruce Banman is.

    From what I have been told, one Minister has said that NO provincial money for housing will come to Abbotsford as long as Banman is mayor. Another Minister has said that the money will come only if the Supportive Housing Project is adjacent to ACS as per the original application for funding.

    My, my, my, I find it very interesting what desperate men will attempt to do when their backs are against the wall as said wall comes tumbling down around them. This is another case of too little too late!

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