Counting Down To An Amazing Online Charity Auction

By Cee Archer. What I love about my heart shelter, Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue, is that it has a very simple concept; you provide love and shelter to dogs (and some cats too) who have no-where else to go.
Yvette has been doing this for a long time now, day in day out, and through her love and hard work, Turtle Gardens continues to find the perfect forever home for the dogs that so desperately need one.

Yvette loves the spark back into dogs whose eyes were dull and who didn’t know what a human companion was, let alone an inside place, a comfy bed, a wood stove, or as Yvette calls it “the dragon” to warm up nice and toasty.

In Yvette’s care the dogs learn that there is always food, always love and that life is now better. I still tear up each time I write this.

TG Hearts of GoldMost of the forever homes are on the Lower Mainland, Vancouver and surroundings and Vancouver Island. This takes home check volunteers and it also requires Stan to drive the 12 hour trip from Topley to forever homes.

Most people have heard me tell this story a few times now, each time I am very proud to tell it. Yvette is an phenomenal soul who simply keeps on going.

I am a volunteer for Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue, more specific, a fundraising volunteer. Together with 5 great women we try and collect as much money as we can so that Yvette only has to worry about loving the dogs back to health and the financial burdons of rescue will be covered.

We’ve been working on a great fundraiser, which will start November 23 and go for two weeks.
It’s our second annual Hearts of Gold Facebook Auction fundraiser and we are hoping to bring in enough money to knock the warm socks off Yvette!

Honestly, I could bid on each and every single item we’ll have up for auction , we have found amazing folks who donated, businesses as well as Turtle Gardens supporters.

piles of pupsAt a time when many charities are asking for support, we have been blessed with so many who believe in what Turtle Gardens does and who believe, as we do, that all dogs (and cats) should have a forever home and that it takes a village to make this happen.

A thank you simply won’t do, however once the auction is live and I’ve posted it here as well, please help us honour their donations by shopping at their business. The Turtle Gardens supporters know in their hearts that they are so very appreciated. We’d like the businesses to know this too.

Please stay tuned for this once a year auction event, it only lasts two weeks, so count your monies now and get ready to own a wonderful item and help such a great cause at the same time!

Turtle Gardens Heart Of Gold 2 Online Facebook Auction

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