Our program is quite different from what you would experience at your typical commercial gym or with any other fitness program. Once our members are familiar with the exercises and workouts, they come in and participate in our regular classes anywhere from two to six times per week. Each class involves a WOD (workout of the day) where one of our coaches leads everyone through the same workout. Everyone does the same exercises, but different progressions are used and the load and intensity are scaled for each individual’s ability.

Our training is based on high intensity group classes where we use a combination of weight training, Olympic lifting, basic gymnastics, and cardiorespiratory based movements. There are a number of different elements that set our program apart from the rest.

The atmosphere during our workouts thrives on competition and camaraderie. People with different backgrounds and different fitness levels motivate and support each other through challenging workouts that change everyday.

Our coaches are always around to ensure that you are doing the amount of work that is appropriate for your ability. We’re also there to make sure that you are doing the movements with proper technique so you can safely get the best results.

If you commit to our program you won’t just feel better physically; the work that we put in during our training has a way of translating to everything we do in our lives. For most committed Crossfitters, becoming stronger and making progress everyday helps them become more confident and mentally tougher. CrossFit is empowering. The obstacles that we overcome in the gym better prepare us for the challenges that we see in our daily lives.

If you want to make a lifestyle change for the better, give us a call now at 604.851.5681. We look forward to the opportunity to lead you to a more capable lifestyle and help you meet and exceed your fitness goals.

CrossFit Abbotsford
33725 Essendene Ave.

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