Dan Bue – Building Community

By September 23, 20142014 Municipal Election

From Dan Bue. Building community starts with helping people. It’s first and foremost about helping the disadvantaged, which includes our homeless.

“We see homeless people setting up permanent residence on our public boulevards; for years we have talked with nothing constructive done to remedy the problem. Abbotsford has been in the national news as the heartless with our homeless. Many are struggling to survive, straining the resources of our Food Bank. Our time of ignoring while talking is over. Other cities have developed solutions that work well without stressing the surrounding business or residential communities. Let’s consider their lead, adapt and take action NOW!”

Did you know?

Dan Bue started a company in 1994, focused on the disadvantaged: foster children, rehab, brain injuries and senior care. Dan operated it out of a building in the downtown core and became a director of the Abbotsford Downtown Business Association (ADBA). Dan’s business became a successful enterprise because of his commitment to finding solutions to problems, no matter how big or difficult.

Five Key Issues for Building Community:

  • Helping People
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Environment (includes transportation)
  • Our water
  • Business friendly

Dan Bue is a candidate for Abbotsford council in the November 15 municipal election.

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