Danger In Clayburn Village

By Greg Cross. At the bottom of Straiton Trail where Old Clayburn and Clayburn Roads meet in Clayburn Village there is a pipeline. After decades of neglect someone (wisely) decided that concrete barriers should be put around where the pipeline crosses a river.

The problem is that there is nowhere to bike or walk. It is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

You can even see scrape marks on the concrete from cars getting too close. The white line that is supposed to be on the road is worn off. People going up the hill gun their engines at this point and people down the hill are usually speeding. The stop sign there is just a waste of taxpayers money because I have never seen anyone stop there.

One simple answer is to make an opening after the creek so people can pass through to safety. This can be done by moving a few concrete barriers.

A better answer is for the pipeline company to build a small bridge over the River. Maybe a covered Kissing Bridge with benches for people to sit on.

This is a great walk from the subdivision above. Down Straiton Trail and then tea and scones at Clayburn Village Store. Then a walk home up Straiton Trail to work off the calories. Or people staying at the Clayburn Village Bed and Breakfast can have a hike up and down the Straiton Trail a few times to work off the great breakfast they were served.

Photo by Greg Cross

Greg guitar cartoonGreg Cross is a Musician and a retired Stock Broker and Television Personality.

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