Dave Loewen Commits To Keeping An Open Mind

By Dave Loewen. The ACS “Initiative” to provide housing for homeless men in Abbotsford has drawn significant attention, as well as raised the emotional temperature of parties on both sides of this issue.

It is an understatement to say Council will have a difficult decision to consider. But what is Council’s role at this point of the process? Some have expressed “astonishment”; some have expressed frustration, over Council’s silence on the matter at this point.

Council is obliged, under law, to “keep an open mind” until such time that all parties have an opportunity to present their arguments before an impartial Council at a public hearing. While I can understand impatience on this matter, I trust that everyone will come to understand that this is the democratic process some have been prone to suggest is absent.

At this point, my role is to listen to both sides; I’ve sat down with leaders on both sides of this issue, and listened to their views. I will do my best to continue to keep an open mind until decision day, as I trust all Council members will.

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