Death Of Zukasky Is A Farcical Comedy

By February 26, 2015Arts/Culture

Submitted. Opening Nite Theatre is proud to announce its spring show this season, Death Of Zukasky by Richard Strand, Directed by Kathy Yewell.

Death Of Zukasky is a farcical comedy about a wacky sales office in Chicago. With only one month away from raising the curtain on Zukasky’s unenviable workplace, Hellas Incorporated. Involving Endangered species, sinister shapes and vulnerable acrobats, it is sure to have you laughing out of your seats!

Pictured at right: Left To Right, Nate Drury, David J. Bodor and Andrew Wood.

During a usual morning meeting, three sales associates find there supervisor, Zukasky (Chuck Alp) dead, who is next in line for Zukasky’s Job??

Scheming, insecurities, indecision and a whole lot of planning, Office war breaks out between Anne Desmond (Su Wolfe), A zebra print wearing high strung woman and Zukasky’s successor, an annoying, incompetent dweeb named Barry Mills. (Andrew Wood) as well as a clever and manipulative A.C. Tattums (David J. Bodor). What’s worse, the department head, Marlino (Nate Drury) announces someone gets the position, leaving everyone stupefied and intent on climbing to the very top!

Death of Zukasky
March 6 – March 22
Tickets can be reserved at 604-826-ONTS or


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