Defensive Struggle At Lions

By April 25, 2015Sports, Sports News

From AAHA. On Wednesday evening at Lions, the Dodgers and Red Sox both turned into defensive juggernauts with the Dodgers coming out on top 5 to 2 in a hard fought battle. 

Although runs were at a premium on both sides, it wasn’t through lack of strong hitting but rather some outstanding defense by both teams.  Bryn Alexander helped his cause by snagging a comeback liner off the bat of Brenden McLaughlin in the 2nd stopping a potential rally by the Sox.  Sam Grell of the Dodgers caught a ball in centerfield of the bat of Kaleb Pruden, saving at least a triple if not a homer run.

The Sox, not to be outdown, had a 1-3 double-play in the 3rd ending a rally for the Dodgers.  The score was tied 2 to 2 heading into the bottom of the 5thwhen the Dodgers top of the order, Tyne Alexander, Bryn Alexander, Jack Pratt and Ryan Sullivan managed to generate 3 runs.  Ryan Sullivan close the top half of the inning for the Dodgers striking out three batters in a row.   These teams meet again next Thursday which should be another tightly contested affair.

Contributed by Scott Alexander

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