Delegation For Animals Before Mission Council

By October 13, 2013Letters, Pop Voice

Dear Editor. Mission Council has been in a perpetual time warp since at least 1995 when I first started to advocate for Animals. From a humble $ 10,000.00 cost to remedy maybe 300 unwanted Cats, Cats being prolific breeders have swelled to an estimated over 3000 unwanted Cats and a last estimate to remedy was $ 264,000.00 but Mission Council has steadfastly rejected all our efforts to achieve funding for local humane societies.

Recently, Campaign for Animal Rights Legislation (CARL) and Fraser Valley Humane Society (FVHS) made delegations to Mission Council and sadly were summarily dismissed and rejected. We refer you to Mission and to Web.Casts for August 6, 2013, September 23, 2013 and October 7, 2013 to witness first hand in approximate 10 minute video clips how callous and insensitive Mission Council actually are, excluding two of our supporters notably Councillor Nelson Tilbury and Councillor Jenny Stevens but the video is graphically clear.

Thus, their behavior so incensed by feelings I was applied for and was granted permission to appear as a Delegation on, Monday October 21, 2013 6:00 pm – my birthday of all days – but when asked what present I would like, I jumped at “to appear as a delegation for Animals before Mission Council”, so, please come out and offer some support to the Animals, if you possibly can.

Kindest personal regards,


The “Cat Father

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