Delicious Balsamic Vinegar

By October 1, 2013Food & Wine, Life

From ogourmet. A balsamic vinegar aged 273 years was recently discovered in Modena, and experts say it’s delicious! It passed the rigorous tests of specialists from the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Consortium of Modena with flying colours.

Their verdict: 307 points, or 11 less than the winner of last year’s competition. Not bad for an oldster!

At Ogourmet, our youngest vinegars have matured at least 3 years, and some as long as 25 years.
Taste the difference to understand what they acquire with age!

The Best of Balsamic Vinegars!
With some fifty balsamic products on sale, Ogourmet offers the most complete online collection in Canada.

Balsamic_vinegarTry our fruit compotes with balsamic vinegar. For a delectable change, replace ketchup with a balsamic vinegar reduction. Or discover true traditional balsamic vinegar, from Modena of course. To learn more about these products, see our guide to vinegars.

And remember, all these products are offered at the best price on the market by Ogourmet, where you can be sure you won’t receive any counterfeit or poor quality products.

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