District Wide Opinion Survey Underway

From SD #34. Parents/guardians across the school district are receiving an email asking them to participate in a ThoughtStream opinion survey. The email is signed by Superintendent Kevin Godden, and is legitimate. If you receive it, please take a few minutes to provide some feedback. FYI, the questions are:

  • What are some examples of things in our schools you feel are working well and are supporting learning at this time?
  • What are some creative examples of things that could be done differently and would improve how we are supporting learning in our schools?
  • What are some examples of the key skills/capabilities our young people need to attain in schools to develop into responsible and productive adults in our rapidly changing world?
  • Is there anything you would like to add at this time?

Later this summer, participants will receive another invitation for a very short second phase to prioritize groups of responses.

If you do not have an email and would like to provide input via a printed version of the ThoughtStream please request one via: info@sd34.bc.ca.
Enquiries can be also be sent to this email.

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