Do We Need Better Educated Politicians?

By October 16, 2014Comment of The Week

From Observation Re: “CBC Focuses On Abbotsford Political Issues CBC’s story reports that Abby’s unemployment in 2012 was 10.5%. They go on to say it is now over 8 % and is likely to go up throughout the fall due to seasonal employment.

“It strikes me that that is why Banman and the incumbents continue to run for election as they would have no jobs in a city that has chronically high unemployment. Seeking elected office is not applying for a permanent job it is the opportunity to affect change for the greater good not to enhance one’s pocket book.

“If the latter is the case then what is the difference in corrupt gov’ts and ours? Not much, I’m afraid. As an example, Sharon Gaetz who has no formal education has received three raises as Mayor in Chilliwack and as Chair of the FVRD! Not bad for someone who doesn’t have a Bachelor’s Degree.

“How many of Abby’s current councillors have a university education? MacGregor, Loewen, Banman. They are not the best political leaders but they have proven they have the ability to learn and maybe are better suited to their day jobs. Patricia Ross doesn’t. It’s unclear whether she even graduated high school.

“If the minimum criteria for jobs in today’s competitive global economy is a Bachelor’s Degree that is fast being replaced by Master’s education that should be a minimum criteria for our elected officials as well.”

What do you think – Do we need politicians with at least a university degree running our cities, provinces and country?
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