Does Banman Think The Chicken Manure Incident Is About Him?

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  • BCGuy says:

    Ah yes, Abbotsford, the “City of Character”. Now the entire world knows we’re the city of character. It’s too bad we’re going to be called the “City of BAD Character after this fiasco. Let’s see if the “Mayor” stays true to his word on accountability and transparency that he seems to enjoy preaching to the masses. The person(s) responsible for ordering this to be done (on taxpayers money I might add) need to be fired immediately. Then, the “Mayor” needs to show this transparancy he continually preaches and expose the loser(s)/lowlife(s) that ordered this dispicable act of cowardice.

    Let’s see if the “Mayor” can be true to his word(s) or is he just full of hot air as the taxpayers of Abbotsford have become familiar with.

  • wintershades says:

    Mr. Banman must remember that he was only elected as Mayor because the residents of Abbotsford wanted Peary gone. Now if Mayor Banman wants to take his “title” seriously he must take full responsibility for the actions of his management and staff. Actions speak louder than photo-ops and press conferences. Homeless/addicts/alcoholics or not. This was a despicable act.

  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    IF mayor Banman wants to take responsibility, he needs to change
    the way business is done at City Hall.

    How is it that a person or persons can go over the head of the Mayor
    and make decisions, which could end up reflecting on an entire city?

    There is something very worng at City Hall and the culture of entitlement
    must be stopped and that involves detaching oneself from a select
    group of people, who are at this time running this city, putting them
    into their place and having the courage to do what is right for all
    the citizen’s in Abbotsford

    That is taking responsibility, Mayor!!

  • elsie k. neufeld says:

    that was precisely my impression. the post was self-centred, and he missed an opportunity to challenge the woman who, herself, is clearly struggling to make ends meet, and is projecting that onto the homeless as if they are personally leeching off her. he doesn’t get it. and ought not to think we don’t see that he doesn’t get it.

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