Dr.Stuart Shanker At 4th Annual Shared Learning Parent Evening

With Dr. Stuart Shanker, a distinguished research professor of philosophy and psychology at York University and a leading expert of self-regulation in schools. He maintains that Canadian kids do not know what it is to feel calm anymore because there is too much stimulation in their lives. Dr. Shanker concludes that children are dealing with an overwhelming amount of stress, defined as anything that makes the brain burn excess energy. That idea is not new. What is new is the neuroscience supporting it.

Self-regulation is the ability to manage your own energy states, emotions, behaviours and attention, in ways that are socially acceptable and help achieve positive goals, such as maintaining good relationships, learning and maintaining wellbeing.

Note: the free evening presentation required advance ticket registration; it has ‘sold out’ with more than 700 parents registered.

WHEN: Thursday, February 20, 6:30pm
WHERE: Abbotsford Arts Centre, 2329 Crescent Way, Abbotsford

On site contact: Cindy Romanowski,
District Principal of Curriculum / Early Learning,
Abbotsford School District
Mobile: 604.613.7586
Email: Cindy_romanowski@sd34.bc.ca

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