Dualing Views Of ‘Desperate’ Banman

By September 25, 2014From facebook

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  • Observation says:

    Racism!? Lynne give your head a shake. Today Media owners Vince and Mike are definitely not that.

  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    The city/ASDAC has not found any land for supportive housing and when the government came thru with the money in 2008, the city was scrambling to find land for the project and had to forgo the funding due to bad planning.

    Fortunately, BC Housing provided the funds for the George Schmidt Centre at Kinghaven.

    BC Housing came forward with an RFP to the City of Abbotsford and the proposal was granted to ACS due to its ability to provide the land, which the city did not have, once again.

    In 2003, the ADBA and several Abbotsford Chamber supporters
    voted down a 9 bed bridge house and 12 bed shelter on Cyril St.

    Several community members donated near 60,000 to move the project forward and when the Sally Ann’s proposed to buy the lego building, despite warnings from residents in the area, council quickly pushed thru
    approval of the Sally Ann’s in a commercial zoned area.

    It has backfired, creating problems for business and residents in the area.

    Tthe ACS proposal for a low barrier housing complex in C7 zone didn’t sit well with developers/investors in Historic DOwntown area and that is why the ADBA with support of the Abbotsford Chamber urged council to not approve project in a C7 zoned area.

    Four members of council voted down the project in support of the
    ADBA & the Abbotsford Chamber and thus lost the funding for a
    low barrier housing project for homeless in Abbotsford, which many people are very unhappy about.

    The city had rezoned an area called C7 commercial zone in Historic
    Downtown Abbotsford and included ACS in this zoning, despite fact they are service providers.

    When the ACS proposal went to public hearing, C7 zoning became
    an issue and the city knew ACS was in the C7 zone.

    Now, the city wants to quickly rezone the land on Gladys, in hopes of securing funding for the ACS project, which was voted down.

    I was told the city originally bought the land for a future transit hub
    from Mission.

    The entire situation is a debacle! The homeless are caught in the
    middle of it all. Most unfortunate!

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