Eagles Provide Magnificent Show

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The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival starts November 16th but nobody told the eagles. They’re already here and you can get a really good look at what;s going on by visiting the festivals Facebook page or their website . You’ll find some stunning photographs.

Dr. David Archer was out early to see the eagles and captured some magnificant photos which he agreed to share with us. We’ve published a few of them below.

Cover Photo – Dr. David Archer

Eagle near Harrison River. Dr. David Archer Photo.

Eagle near Harrison River. Dr. David Archer Photo.

Eagles at Harrison Mills. Dr. Archer Photo.

Eagles at Harrison Mills. Dr. Archer Photo.

Heron at Cheam Wetlands. Dr. Archer Photo

Heron at Cheam Wetlands. Dr. Archer Photo

World Bald Eagle Capital

Harrison Mills is now recognized as the World Bald Eagle Capital and photographers and naturalists will be decending on the area come November 16.

The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Committee is comprised of 7 working Directors , 5 honourary Directors and 1 Director that falls under both headings. We are a group of like minded volunteers who have been drawn together based on a mutual admiration for the area, the environment and the most impressive of raptors, the bald eagle.

During the festival weekends we have 20-40 volunteers that help keep the programs running smoothly but we are always looking for more people to add to the mix. Such an large and ambitious event would not be possible if not for the dedication and hard work put in by all the volunteer on this Committee. Interested in joining the fun ? Contact us and find out how you can get involved. Volunteer coordinator Brett McCarthy brett_mccarthy@hotmail.com.

View current Volunteer opportunities

Chair: Jo-Anne Chadwick email: info@fraserriversafari.com
Vice Chair: Sharie Conroy email: sconroy@johnconroy.com
Director: David Hancock
Director: Karen Bills
Director: Della Noot
Director: Mel Waardenburg
Book keeper: Nikki O”Halloran
Secretary/Director: Jo-Anne Leon
Blog author: Kathy Stewart

Honourary Director: Robert Bateman
Honourary Director: Mark Angelo
Honourary Director: Fin Donnelly
Honourary Director: Dr. Rose Charlie
Honourary Director: David Hancock
Honourary Director: Betty Anne Faulkner

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