EcoDairy Community Launch Day Saturday

Abbotsford’s EcoDairy, in partnership with Science World, will officially launch its ne Discovery centre June 7 from 10am – 3 pm. Celebrate the launch of our new look Discovery centre. Special Admission price just $10 per family


Our EcoDairy

What is an EcoDairy?

The Bakerview EcoDairy is the first demonstration farm of its kind in Canada, showcasing innovative and sustainable dairy farm practices while inviting the public to share in the experience in a fun, and educational way.

The EcoDairy Experience

Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley with views of Mount Baker in the distance, the EcoDairy is surrounded by 80 acres of lush farmland providing a playground of pure, natural indulgence.

Here at the EcoDairy, we believe in embracing a life of tradition, infused with a dose of modern inspiration. That’s why we’re always dreaming up ways to be kinder to our animals, the environment, and ensuring sustainability in our farming practices. It’s true, we do provide comfy mattresses for our milking cows (because we really believe happier cows make tastier milk) and we’ve got cheeky goats climbing on our roof. Why? Because we are passionate about farming!

We think you’ll enjoy spending a little time with us. Steal a moment away from the hectic pace of life! Discover the joy found in the simpler things through a real, first-hand, dairy farm experience that’s lots of fun.

There’s something for everyone here: an interactive Learning Centre and theatre, an animal exhibit where you can get up close and personal with goats Krissy and Ingrid, our miniature pony Angel Cake or any of our other friendly farm animals. You can also meet the Vitala cows and see their robotic milker at work.

Visit to learn more about our traceable line of dairy products.


Bill Vanderkooi

Bill Vanderkooi

Bill Vanderkooi

Farmer. Father. Dreamer. Do-er.

Bill Vanderkooi

President of Bakerview EcoDairy and CEO, Nutriva Group

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“We place a high value on natural, healthy and local products. It’s something we feel very proud of.”– Bill Vanderkooi

Bill Vanderkooi, is a 41-year old entrepreneur and parent of five (with lovely wife Helinda), who was raised on a local dairy farm in Abbotsford. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1993 with a Master of Science in Animal Science, specializing in dairy cattle nutrition and physiology.

In 2009, Bill founded the Nutriva Group, a multi-faceted, innovative group of agri-businesses located in Abbotsford, BC. The Nutriva Group focuses on developing and managing whole food value chains that begin with progressive, environmentally responsible farm practices and end with functional food products that embody natural nutrition innovation to improve the health and well-being of Canadians.

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