Edible Eggshells?

By August 26, 2014The Net

The ‘Our Favs‘ listings in our  ‘The Net’ section contain some really cool links to some really cool websites and blogs. Featured this week – Are Eggshells Edible?

By. Ria Misra on io9

You can eat them poached, fried, over-easy, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, in a frittata, as part of an omelette, smothered in hollandaise, just the whites, or as part of scramble. But are even the shells of eggs edible?

In this week’s Q&A section of the New York Times, they take on that very question (sent in from a perhaps too-unwasteful reader). So, can eggshells be eaten? Sort of.

While simply chowing down on the leftover shells from your morning omelette is probably a very poor idea, the powdered shells of eggs can be a source of calcium. One study from the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition found that a single eggshell ground into powder contained approximately enough calcium for two adults in a day.


 Ria Misra

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