Enforcing Patently Absurd Legalized Lies

By September 21, 2013Letters

Dear Editor. Quite the heavy duty message from Tim Felger – Why Is Bob Rich Obsessed With Tim Felger?.

Of course, none of that surprises me. Tim Felger’s history fits into the overall political pattern in Canada, although there are huge regional differences in degree. What usually happens is that the more politically active someone becomes, then the more they end up being targeted by the police. In my experience, the majority of cannabis activists that experience that finally decide to stop their public activities. Tim Felger is one of the minority that decides to persist in protesting, despite the personal price that they then have to pay for doing that.

There are no significant new arguments nor evidence regarding the marijuana issue. For decade after decade, the issues were the same, and those issues were beaten to death. Neither truth, nor logic, makes any difference to established political systems based on legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. The ONLY thing that is perhaps going to change marijuana laws is the accumulated SUFFERING. More than one million Canadians have gotten criminal records due to cannabis “crimes,” and that is headed towards two million.

Due to pot prohibition, Canadian police forces are the main material manifestation of systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which tend to overshoot, and push their envelope to become illegal lies, backed by illegal violence. Marijuana laws are the single simplest symbol, and the most extreme particular example, of that political problem. Marijuana laws were never based on anything but huge lies, and therefore, the enforcement of those huge lies has become more and more based on deliberate ignorance, which is evil. During that process, there has been a tragic selection process to pick and mould the police force into being a group which is able to sustain their duty to enforce patently absurd, but legalized, lies. Those who were able and willing to do that then tended to resort to illegal lies, and illegal violence. Too bad, so sad, that bad laws necessarily create bad police.

Yours truly,

Blair T. Longley
Marijuana Party

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