English Language Learners Improving

From SD 34. Steady Improvement was the theme in a report to the Board by English Language Learners (ELL) District Principal Kanta Naik.

There are currently 2,103 students
categorized as ELL in the district (there are almost 5,400
students in district that have ever received ELL support).

Mrs.Naik noted that graduation completion rates for ELL
students have shown a continued improvement over
recent years. Particular results reported included that
97% of ELL students writing the Provincial English 10
exam last year passed with an average mark of 71.4%.

Key objectives for the ELL department include continuing to
improve the language skills of all ELLs especially in
academic English, and continued ELL training for teachers
and Education Assistants.

Mrs.Naik concluded by
reporting that every one of the 34 recommendations
made to the district in the 2007 Gunderson Report have
been addressed or implemented.

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