Expelled For Telling The Truth

By October 5, 2013Education

By Mike Archer. Brilliant. When confronted, some Sardis Secondary students owned up to the fact they had smoked marijuana on a a soccer field trip.

When asked, they told the truth.

And they were expelled …!

Who is kidding whom?

While some in Chilliwack love to fool themselves into believing the public image the Christian community has built, with all the money it can devote to the cause, of a lilly-white town where bad things don’t happen, a bunch of high school students sharing a joint on a field trip is the least of our problems.

Punishing students for owning up to their ‘crime’ when asked is a brilliant lesson in how to act in the adult world. They have all now been taught not to admit anything when asked. Only bad things can happen when you do that.

Some high school students were experimenting with pot. What is this … the 1950s?

Has anybody from the inquisition asked how many of the students had sex on the fied trip? Has anybody which ones got a hand job on the bus on the way home.

What does the School Board think occurs in our schools anyway? Are they that out of touch with the realities of being a teenager in Chilliwack or are they they just concerned that the realities don’t match the brochures.

The Chilliwack School Board should spend some time in its own schools. Maybe it will discover the drugs being consumed on a daily basis by its middle school students; the booze being swallowed nightly by its secondary students; the sex being enjoyed by both its middle school and its secondary school students.

While the School Board may be thinking of the world of the adults who pay their taxes for the system to be maintained, the students are living in the real world where a few kids sharing a doobie on a field trip is so commonplace it is probably the least shocking thing that has happened in the last two weeks.

Open your eyes School Board, parents, trustees …

Just because the brochures and the newspapers say it doesn’t make it so.

  • Ask your kids how many of the or their friends have smoked marijuana.
  • Ask your kids how many of them or their friends have tried more serious drugs.
  • Ask your kids how many of them or their friends have had unprotected sex.
  • Ask your kids how many of them or their friends have sex and do drugs on a weekly basis
  • Ask your kids how many of them know what a circle jerk is or about the time the Chilliwack students smoked some doobies and threw garbage pails off the BC Ferry on the way back from Victoria …

Now you’ve got a PR problem on your hands. It’s called the truth.

Glad you brought it up.

Ask your kids how many of them or their friends would tell the truth when asked now that these kids were expelled for something so minor and run-of-the-mill in their world.

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