Expensive, Inadequate Travel

By November 15, 2013Guest Columns, Issues

By Mrytle MacDonald. Funds pour into maintaining and expanding the rubber tired system of travel as well as the Evergreen Line and Skytrains. They are at least 10 times more expensive than light railway would be. They are much slower too, ridiculously slow during rush hour. There is rush hour day and night on highway #1. The air is polluted so that the lovely scenery can’t be seen much of the time. All vehicles travel at or above the speed limit. that is dangerous and no longer a pleasure.

Take time to read the details of the 84 page Leewood report and proposal.
– The new Interurban proposal is realistic and sensible and accurate.
– It is not a fast train we are proposing. From Chilliwack to Scott Road Sky Station would take the same amount of time as for a car going at speed limit.
– The new Interurban would be dependable travel in all seasons. The line is in good condition.
– Reliable scheduling of the present freight trains with passenger trains is possible.
– The right of way is owned by the citizens of BC. Please hurry to stop encroachments alongside it.
– The new Interurban would serve the rural communities south of Hwy #1. They have no public transport at present. The route is not too far south.
– The new Interurban would serve university students, faculty and support staff of 6 campuses (UFV, Kenwanten Polytechnic and Trinity Western). All are nearby.
– It would take people near to the Abbotsford airport.
– It would take people near to the Regional Hospital for consultation and treatment by specialists.
– It would result in cleaner air, a reduction in respiratory diseases, beautiful scenery and restful travel for tourists and everybody.

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