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By Justine Mercer. To introduce myself: Lover for all things fashion, also known as Justine Mercer. I was born and raised in the Metro Vancouver area, and I currently live in Langley, BC. It was always a dream of mine to become a part of the ever-changing fashion industry. It was my passion for fashion that led me to John Casablancas Institute where I completed my Fashion Business Diploma and most recently developed Truthfully Styled Fashion Consulting.

As a Fashion Consultant I believe that personal image can play a huge part in the way you feel about yourself, and I hope that every individual is able to recognize their own personal style and feel confident in their skin. I always say, fashion is personal, and it should be a tool used to express your unique and creative qualities through your clothing and style.

As I continue to work with clientele from the Metro Vancouver area, I wake up every morning excited and eager to have the opportunity to work with great people and give them the confidence they deserve!

Fashion vs. Style

In my opinion there is a major difference between fashion and style. They are often thought of as the exact same thing when in fact they are quite opposite. Here is my personal break down of fashion and style just to clarify any confusion.

Fasion 2So what is Fashion anyways? Fashion is what’s out there. Fashion is in the trends and it is what’s available to us, meaning it is found in the stores and seen on the runways. Fashion is constantly changing day by day, making it hard for most individuals to keep up with what is fashionable. Fashion can refer to clothing, footwear, accessories, jewellery, makeup, etc. That’s fashion in a nutshell for you, now more importantly what is style?

Style is what you do with the fashion. Style is how you use the fashion to create your own outfits and personal touches. It is a personal expression. Style should be an important aspect in everyone’s life as it is representing who you are in the world. Once you are familiar with your own style it can be fun to experiment and create outfits that will make a statement. As Coco Chanel says, “Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Fashion Fun Fact: 3 essential wardrobe pieces every woman should have in their closet
1) White blouse
2) Neutral blazer
3) LBD ( Little Black Dress)

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About Justine Mercer:Justine Mercer
Fashion Consultant, Justine Mercer operates Truthfully Styled Fashion Consulting, a company dedicated to providing woman with the confidence they deserve. Justine believes that fashion is personal and should be used to express your unique and creative qualities. Justine can be reached at or on Facebook.Truthfully styled logo

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