Fassbender Rejects Binding Arbitration

Shane Woodford from CKNW has reported the BC government has rejected binding arbitration in the ongoing teachers’ strike

Breaking – Education minister Peter Fassbender has just officially rejected the BCTF request for binding arbitration. Fassbender in a statement said “After due diligence and further investigation, it became very clear that it was another empty effort to give parents and teachers a false hope that there is a simple way to resolve the dispute.”

From CKNW:
[excerpt] A day after the BCTF proposed binding arbitration in hopes of settling the teachers dispute, the government has officially said no.

Any chance of resolving the teachers’ dispute via binding arbitration is officially zero.

Education minister Peter Fassbender said in a written statement, that after consulting with lead negotiator Peter Cameron he was advised to reject the BCTF offer.

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