Fast Accused Of Inappropriate Commons Behaviour

By April 10, 2014Federal Politics

Abbotsford MP, and Minister of Trade Ed Fast has been accused of using an inappropriate gesture in the House of Commons. Fast, who has denied the charge, is accused of pointing his finger, with his hand shaped like a gun, at NDP MP Dan, and figuratively pulling the trigger.

Two stories on the Huffington Post tell the tale.

[excerpt] Rising on a point of order after a particularly rancorous question period, New Democrat MP Dan Harris claimed that International Trade Minister Ed Fast had directed what he described as “an inappropriate gesture, a gun, while saying ‘Boom’,” in Ashton’s direction.

House of Commons video shows Fast applauding with the rest of the Conservative caucus, and then putting out his right arm with his forefinger and thumb extended from his hand. It’s not possible to see whether the minister said anything.
[source] [excerpt] “The minister for international trade made an inappropriate gesture, making a gun with his hand while saying ‘boom’ in the direction of the member from Churchill,” Harris said, referring to Ashton. “I’m sure every member would agree that this gesture has no place in the House of Commons and I would like to ask the minister to apologize.”
Fast, a longtime MP from B.C., said it was actually Harris who owed him — and the Conservatives — an apology.

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