Fast Says Flaherty’s Budget Is Good News

Submitted. Member of Parliament Ed Fast has welcomed as “good news” the new federal budget – Economic Action Plan 2013 – and its continued focus on job creation, economic growth, and long-term prosperity. The Plan, which will see Canada return to balanced budgets in 2015, keeps federal taxes at their lowest level in 50 years.

“While Canada has the best job creation record among all G-7 with over 950,000 new jobs created since the depths of the recession, we recognize that the global economy remains very challenging,” said Fast. “In Budget 2013, our Conservative government has stayed squarely focused on the number one priority of Canadians, namely economic growth and job creation.”

The Budget includes key measures to strengthen Canada’s economy, including a new $15,000 shared Canada Job Grant for those upgrading their skills, incentives for manufacturers to buy new machinery and equipment to stay competitive, and an extended ‘hiring credit’ for small businesses who create jobs. The Budget also delivers a record $70 billion of federal investment in infrastructure across Canada, much of it benefitting municipalities such as Abbotsford.

“After years of neglect by previous federal governments, our Conservative government has invested over $50 million in local projects such as the McCallum and Clearbrook Rd. interchanges, the Abbotsford Airport, the JAMES sewage treatment plant, the Abbotsford border crossing and Mill Lake Spray Park,” said Fast. “Budget 2013 will allow us to continue to make critical investments in Abbotsford to accommodate the rapid growth of our city.”

The Budget also delivers new tax relief for Canadians who give to charity, adopt a child, or rely on homecare services. Import tariffs on baby clothing, sports gear, and exercise equipment will be eliminated. And federal transfers to British Columbia for hospitals, schools and other important social services will reach record levels, $1.3 billion higher than in 2005.

“We have kept our word and are on track to balancing our budget by 2015 without in any way slashing our support for critical health, education and social services,” noted Fast. “I am also pleased that Canada continues to lead much of the world in its economic peformance and in the soundness of its financial system.”

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