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By Mike Archer. Fields of Green’s new EP is a radical departure for the band and, right from the opening track, it’s clear the band is carving out new territory for itself.

Listening to ‘The Do-Nothings’ it’s as if drummer Johnny Jansen, who has always been a key to the band’s unique sound, said “Enough!” one day and took control of the recording studio.

The song is a hard-driving bar song that shows off their new style extremely well. Paperboy is like a bridge between their softer, deeper stuff and the new harder sound they’ve discovered.

FOG has always been good at intricate musical arrangements and has had no problem layering of strands of musical creativity over one another to produce a very sophisticated sound. In concert they’ve been able to stay faithful to what they produce in the studio.

If they suffered from anything it could only be said that they and their sound were a bit too timid.

Perhaps the most musically and lyrically engaging song on the EP, ‘Kill it Slow’ never lets up and never stops surprising as it builds and builds. I think the song best exemplifies the depth of talent this band has to offer. They are finally burning on all cyclinders.

Their new stuff is a lot more direct and gives you a bit of kick to gut when you first hear it. Their time performing live has obviously influenced their writing. There’s a harder driving beat to music which makes it much more accessible somehow.

The louder, punchier sound has sacrificed none of the musical depth for which they are known and, if anything, their experience is really tsarting to show.

Fields of GreenThe songs jump up and grab you by the balls rather than wasting any time enticing you. Even their softer stuff is somehow harder. ‘Time Capsule,’ which has a jazzy, lilting sound to it and some excellent keyboard work by Kevin Dreger, stills shows of a more powerful and mature sound with strong vocals and some really good work between bassist Connor Tkach and guiatist Kyle Tubbs.

‘Turns and Tides’ shows off Tubb’s vocals and fits more into the some of the more laid back and lyrical style they have been known for, but, even, here, the lyrics are meatier, the sound is somehow louder and has more to offer.

Tubbs vocals have always been engaging but it’s as if he really means it when he delivers on some terrific lyrics. The guitar work of both Tubbs and Tkach has managed to grow somehow tougher without sacrificing anyof their trademark intricacy.

This band has really hit its stride.

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podcastThe Songs:

• The Do-Nothings03:38
• Kill It Slow04:20
• Turns And Tides04:59
• Paperboy04:30
• Time Capsule07:27

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Coming Shows:

APR 16 | Whistler | WSSF Mainstage | w/ We Hunt Buffalo & Static in the Stars
MAY 2 | Vancouver | Biltmore | w/ T.Nile, Dirty Spells, Colour the Wild

Fields of Green3JUNE 5 | Kelowna | Mary Irwin Theatre | w/ KINGDOOM (Original NIN Drummer)
JULY 1 | Kelowna | Canada Day Celebrations

JULY 5-7 | Kelowna | Keloha Festival | TBA

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Fields of Green is:

KYLE TUBBS: Lead Vocal & Guitar
KEVIN DREGER: Keys, Bass, & Vocal
CONNOR TKACH: Guitar, Bass, & Vocal
JOHNNY JANSEN: Drums & Vocal


Fields of Green2 A musical journey that started just five years ago in Kyle Tubb’s basement in Kelowna BC, now see’s the band winning awards, recording with GGGarth (Rage), and touring with Arkells.

All in their early twenties, the group displays unending measures of energy and creativity while displaying a musical maturity that ranks up there in the most seasoned of Rock Artists.

Multi-talented, all, Fields of Green have met with one success after another. Their first album, “Blanktown” won Rock Recording of The Year from the BC Interior Music Awards of 2011.

The group also found great success in the 2012 Vancouver FOX Seeds contest, finishing 1st place out of more than 400 applicants. They were also involved in The Peak Performance Project in 2011 and 2012, making the Top 20 in that event.

Fields of Green1Fields of Green spent this past winter recording their new 5-song EP with the legendary GGGarth (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro, Hedley) and Paul Boechler, who produced and engineered the band’s second release.

Fields of Green just came off a spring tour with Juno winning Arkells, and are focusing on summer festivals, with appearances already booked at Keloha and Ponderosa.

Editor’s Note: Both Kyle Tubbs and Connor Tkach have roots in the Fraser Valley, Langley and Chilliwack.

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Cover Photo: Hammer Records

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