Fire Crews Attend Apartment Fire

Submitted. July 7, 2014 –At 5:33pm on July 6, Abbotsford Fire Rescue Services responded to a report of an apartment fire at 33331 Old Yale Road.

Upon arrival, fire crews discovered smoke coming from a unit on the third floor of the
complex. The fire was quickly brought under control and was confined to one suite.

Two residents of the apartment complex discovered the fire and forced their way into
the suite. Despite encountering heavy smoke, they were able to control the fire with
extinguishers and confirmed that no one was home.

These two males were treated for smoke inhalation and were transported by BC
Ambulance to ARH. They were later released from hospital.

Despite the heroic efforts of these good samaritans, AFRS strongly advises against this
type of intervention by members of the public. These two men could have easily
succumbed to the effects of smoke inhalation since they had no safety gear and the fire
could have easily spread to the hallways and adjoining units.

AFRS fire investigators have determined that the fire was likely accidental and was
caused by candles that were burning on a table in the living room. The resident of the
suite was not home at the time that the fire was discovered and did not have any
contents insurance. The total damages are estimated at more than $50,000, with some
additional smoke damage to the third floor hallway.

Six AFRS fire trucks and approximately 25 firefighters were on scene. Emergency
Social Services, APD and BC Ambulance also attended.

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