Fireworks Are Illegal In Abbotsford

By October 19, 2013Community News

Submitted. The use of fireworks and firecrackers are not only dangerous, they are illegal in the City of Abbotsford announced Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service today.
While fireworks have been advertised for sale on the Sumas First Nations Lands and in communities bordering the city, their use in Abbotsford is against City bylaws and will be strictly enforced.

“Fireworks are basically small bombs and are not safe for untrained citizens,” said Mike Helmer, Deputy Fire Chief. “Every year, there are serious injuries to youths and children as a result of using fireworks or firecrackers, and all of these injuries can be 100% avoided this year.”

The Abbotsford Fireworks Bylaw prohibits the sale, possession and discharge of fireworks within the City’s borders. This bylaw was introduced in 2005 in order to reduce the number of injuries and fires caused by their use. The bylaw is enforced by Fire Rescue Service members as well as by Abbotsford Police and Bylaw Enforcement Officers. Residents caught with fireworks will be subject to fines ranging from $200 – $1000 and their fireworks will be confiscated.

This year, the extremely dry conditions in the Fraser Valley are causing additional concerns to fire officials as Halloween and Diwali approach. One single firecracker or sparkler could easily start a massive brush fire and extensive property damage could result. Some fireworks burn at temperatures above 1000 Degrees C and will continue to burn even when doused with water.

Fires caused by illegal use of fireworks have been reduced since the bylaw was introduced, but they are still a major concern. Residents need to be aware that even though fireworks are offered for sale nearby, they must not be used in Abbotsford. Only licenced and trained pyrotechnicians can apply for a permit to hold a fireworks shows – and these are only approved under very strict conditions.

For more information about fireworks and the Abbotsford Fireworks Bylaw, visit (Residents/Bylaws/Fireworks) or call the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service at 604-853-3566.

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