Flying Spaghetti Monsters Have Been Abducting Humans Since The 1950s

By July 1, 2013The Net

By Lauren Davis. Don’t worry, human captives, these noodly appendaged aliens just want to teach you the ways of Pastafarianism and bring you enlightenment.

[From io9] Illustrator Al Feldstein actually created the original version of this image for the July-August 1951 edition of Weird Fantasy.

The above painting is a reproduction he created of the cover illustration in 2005.

He may have amped up the spaghetti-like nature of his alien captors, but perhaps the Pastafarians have been planting the seeds of their religion since the 1950s. Or maybe it’s a miracle, produced by the Flying Spaghetti Monster himself.

Abducted by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, 1951 [Boing Boing]


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