Editor’s Note: Re: Valley Road Had Better Not Just Be Political Theatre In a column by Mike Archer published on June 6, 2014 a statement was made about actions taken by the City of Abbostford’s lawyers and representations they had made in court about the Valley Road proposal being made that very day to the Mayor’s Task Force On Homelessness.

Before Jeff Gruban and Paul MacLeod had finished speaking, City lawyers were already before a judge attempting to use their proposal as proof that the City was doing something in a real and meaningful way about homelessness.*

The City of Abbotsford lawyers gave notice they would be providing examples of how the City is trying to assist in providing services to homeless people. In their affidavit the City mentioned it has struck a task force on homelessness. The inference that the City mentioned the Valley Road proposal was an innocent misunderstanding and Abbotsford Today apologises for any confusion caused my the statement made and now deleted above.

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