Forget The Pipeline

By January 26, 2014Letters, Pop Voice

By Carl Shalansky,(P. Eng.,retired). Enbridge and Kinder Morgan wish to transport one product to world markets..

It is becoming more apparent that we now have the opportunity to create one pipeline system terminating at one common sense ocean terminal shipping location just north of Prince Rupert –(not Douglas Channel—or Hecate Strait,etc. ) .where the risks of bitumen ocean spills is minimized.

In the south then there is no need for a twinned (second) bitumen line traversing our province ,and unnecessarily doubling the number of pipeline crossings of wetlands, rivers, steams, aquifers, parks, residential neighbourhoods, public grounds such as school grounds,hospitals and on and on..

The other benefit would be no increased numbers of bitumen laden tankers in Burrard Inlet ,and in the southern Gulf Islands,or

Boundary Pass ,and Haro Strait …and other sensitive Mainland and Vancouver Island coasts.

Very simple common sense stuff …that the public can understand and support.

Our LEADERS could guide us to SUCH A common sense solution and gain/regain much needed public support ?

Spills will happen – see – but the industry and our leaders must, in the public interest, ensure that common sense is a key component when deciding issues.

Please …

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