Fourth and final guilty plea obtained in Mission double homicide

By September 7, 2016Community News

Submitted. Background: In September 2008, 37 year old Lisa Dudley and 33 year old Guthrie McKay were the victims of a targeted shooting in a residence in the area of 31000 Greenwood Drive, Mission.  Both victims succumbed to the injuries they sustained and the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) took conduct of the investigation.


In the investigation that followed, Jack Woodruff, Justin Mackinnon, Bruce Main, and Tom Holdon were identified as suspects in the double homicide.   Members of IHIT worked intently to pursue and gather evidence, resulting in homicide related charges against all four suspects.

Mr. Woodruff has since pleaded guilty to two counts of First Degree Murder, and Mr. Mackinnon and Mr. Main have since pleaded guilty to two counts of Manslaughter.


On September 6, 2016 Tom Holdon, the last remaining accused, pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Commit the Murders of Miss Dudley and Mr. Mckay in the New Westminster Supreme Court, and will face sentencing in January 2017.


Superintendent Dwayne McDonald, officer in charge of IHIT, said, “The duration of this investigation, and its outcome, illustrates the investigative perseverance to find and seek justice for our victims.  Today’s guilty plea is a success and a testament to the hard work of IHIT investigators, Crown Counsel, the RCMP, and multiple support and partner agencies.”


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