Fraser Valley Farmers Sitting On A Gold Mine

By October 6, 2014Valley News

Business in Vancouver is reporting that prices of agricultural land in the Fraser Valley are higher than anywhere in the country.

Farm prices have increased as much as 15% in Canada in the past year according to the article with the Fraser Valley at the top of the heap.

[excerpt] “Dairy farms in the Chilliwack-Fraser Valley sell for up to $63,000 per acre,” noted the Re/Max Market Report Farms 2014, released Sept. 30, which noted the lowest price Fraser Valley farmland sold this year for $41,000 per acre.

Some crop farmland in Surrey and Delta have sold for more than $75,000 per acre this summer, said Bryan VanHoepen of Re/Max Nyda in Chilliwack who has been selling farmland for 21 years.

Prices rose modestly in 2014, but are close to the same level as two years ago, he said.

British Columbia also has among the lowest priced farmland in Canada. Bare farmland in the Peace River North sold for between $750 and $1,550 per acre this year, Re/Max found, which is lower than prices seen in other western provinces.

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