From The Cheap Seats: Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

By February 1, 2013Letters

According to the National Post Abbotsford has become the new battleground for the abortion debate.

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada objects to the mock cemetery which has been offending women and others for over a decade.

Mayor Banman says the gruesome and ugly display does not break any bylaws.

Does anybody remember what happened to Tim Felger when he posted a sign about a natural herb that makes people happy?

He had the City police illegally enter his premises on trumped up charges that were later thrown out of court, was arrested and jailed, had his business license revoked and was given the bums rush by a group of community and business leaders who objected to his views and thought his presence was bad for business in Downtown Abbotsford.

Apparently Felger’s signs are worth using the City’s private police force and all the fury our city fathers can muster while offending women over a perfectly legal and accepted medical procedure is OK.

There was nothing illegal about Felger’s signs either.

This is also the city that makes it illegal to provide addicts with health care they are guaranteed by their Canadian citizenship.

Thanks for clearing up where the City sits on the subject – as usual right at the crossroads of hypocritical and Attila the Hun.

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  • Mike: There are some differences. Tim Felger plastered his signs all over Abbotsford. He broke every law on the books regarding election signs. He used his signs to criticize a reporter in town, and quite frankly I met someone, years ago, who told me that Tim sold drugs to young kids. Was it true? I only know they were not ‘establishment’ folk, and they approved of Tim’s business practices.

    The pro-abortionists try by every means, and with some savagery to silence pro-life people. Logic evaporates in their camp, so that you have them asserting complete nonsense as if it is irrefutably, scientifically true.

    In their twisted world the child in the womb can only be a real human baby when it has completely left the mother’s womb. Royal Columbian routinely delivers premature babies, some as early as 26 weeks, and 40 weeks is the normal gestation.

    The wanted child is always called a baby, while abortionists insist we deflect from its humanity by calling it a fetus, or some such ‘thing’. The vacuous statement that this child is merely part of mom’s body beats all stupid arguments by abortionists. No woman has 2 heads, 2 hearts, 4 legs, 4 arms……. This woman is carrying her own fully human, boy or girl, within her womb.

    Freedom of speech is great – until you challenge abortion rhetoric. But ‘pro-choice’ – for whom? Certainly not for the baby that is killed by being cut to pieces, or burned with salt, within its mother’s womb.Choices should be made before such awful consequences result from unwanted pregnancies.

    In the upside-down-world of pro-abortion, you can slaughter pre-born infants – right up to the last full-term moment in Canada. There are no laws on our books because of the abject cowardice at the Federal Government level.

    But woe betide anyone who says, “Look at this child, that you just killed.”

    Garbage bags full of broken little bodies, kept out of our sight…. keep hiding the reality of abortion, you ‘pro-choicers’.

    You must not look. You must not think. You must not see the truth behind the white-washed propaganda.


    What an insane, upside-down-world pro-abortion people live in.

  • Meghann Coughlan says:

    I don’t think the choice is as simple as having an abortion the day before your due date.

    Drs and clinics clearly discourage abortion after 12 weeks. Some will flat out refuse to refer you to Elizabeth Bagshaw. I’ve had plenty of girlfriends who were treated terribly in this city for even considering it.

    I’m pro-choice & am not trying to silence anyone. I think the “graveyard” is ridiculous & absurd but as it’s private property the owner has every right to exercise freedom of speech. If there were photos of aborted bits, then it would have to be removed.

    Felger also had a right to put up whatever sign he wanted. I’ve got 100 ft of frontage, maybe I’ll open my yard up to a freedom of speech party. Left, right, you name it.

    If it makes people think, have at ‘er.

    That being said, the city should either enforce the same stupidity for everyone or mind their business.

  • Meghann: You make my point for me, when you say, “If there were photos of aborted bits, then it would have to be removed.”

    So like all strident pro-abortion folk, you get sqeamish about SEEING what you (plural you), have done to a living boy or girl.

    The real slaughter is okay with you so-called, ‘pro-choice’ people, but the number of dead babies is now kept a closely guarded secret at all hospitals and abortuaries. (See Tristan Hopper NP Feb 2/13 ‘Live-birth abortions a perilous grey zone in Canada’s criminal code.)

    In order to continue with this barbaric slaughter of our own children you must silence your opponents, and hide the evidence from view. People must not be allowed to think about this horror perpetrated by a ‘civilized’ modern civilization.

    The pagans offered their children to false ‘gods’. We sacrifice our babies to the gods of hedonistic sex, sex that must not be allowed in any way to hamper our self-centered pleasures.

    God says, “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.”

  • Meghann says:

    I’m a vegetarian, (lazy vegan, really. I’ll eat muffins with egg in them), but I would have animal rights signs removed if they contained blood & bits of meat because I think that blood & tissue is the sort of thing people shouldn’t be forced into seeing. If the argument is sensible there is no need for shocking photographs.

    I’ve seen what happens when women have children they don’t want.

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