From The Cheap Seats: What’s Your Point Dave?

Councillor Dave Loewen never ceases to amaze when he gets his fingers wrapped around his Blackberry and takes to Twittering. Last time we checked in he was promoting a local business man’s empty building for free. This time he appears to be making a political statement.

If we understand his point, Loewen seems to be saying,’Isn’t it a great public embarrassment that councillors such as myself, Simon Gibson, John Smith, Moe Gill and Patricia Ross who have been surviving off of our friends and neighbours for, in some cases, decades, have let things get so bad in Abbotsford that business people are forced to invest their own money keeping their own gardens free of human excrement.’

Dave … you’re absolutely right. It is a crying shame what you have allowed to happen to your city. To think that with all those years of collecting a public pay cheque you sat by and did nothing except to pass bylaws making it impossible for desperate people to get help and quietly acceded to a city policy of harassing, stealing from, poisoning and chasing these unfortunate people all over town.

Amazing isn’t it Dave … what happens when civic officials don’t think their fellow citizens are their responsibility? All those in Abbotsford who are one pay cheque away from homelessness will be glad to know you don’t feel the least bit responsible for what happens to them.

At least we know there’s one business in Abbotsford that can still afford have a gardener.

Thanks for sending this in LK 🙂
Dave Loewen Homeless Tweet

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