Further Disappointment In Our Civic Leaders

By August 15, 2013Guest Columns, Issues

By Pastor Ward Draper. Yesterday I received a series of emails from inside the Abbotsford Police Department obtained by Pivot Legal Society. The emails contain correspondence between leadership inside our police department regarding the chicken manure dumping and the subsequent laws suits. This series of brief emails shows that the Abbotsford Police (APD) did not know the chicken manure dump was going to happen on June 4th and that the city took full responsibility.

It is good to know that the City, from day one, claimed responsibility for the incident. However it is unfortunate that the City staff mislead and used the APD on the day of the incident; reminding us again of the poor leadership decisions that persistently plague our civic government.

Also contained in the package is a chain of communication between the leadership of the APD regarding the chicken manure lawsuits against the City of Abbotsford. It is in this stream of chatter that I was taken aback by the words being communicated by the leaders in our police force. Outright mocking and hurtful words are found in this stream of communication demonstrating a lack of understanding or compassion. I was particularly upset by the words our police chief, Bob Rich used in this chain of emails when word of Pivots legal action began to circulate inside the department:

From: Bob Rich, Sent: Friday, July 05,2013 11:09 AM Pacific Standard Time To: Ian MacDonald; Rick Lucy; Len Goerke Subject: Re: Chicken Manure class action lawsuit
Oh please let it be so! I would need a copy of that writ. Damages would be what, hurt feelings, or?

Hurt feelings. It is sad to see such disregard for our homeless community members. I am truly shocked that real human rights violations can be taken so lightly by our leaders. I know we all joke inappropriately at different times throughout our lives and I am as guilty as anyone.

Maybe I am just a fool to expect more from the group that is paid to protect all of us regardless of socioeconomic position. I must be a fool to believe in respect, dignity, and compassion for all persons in this city.

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