George Evens’ Delegation To Mission Council

By October 19, 2013Letters, Pop Voice

Dear Editor. We have (previously) provided a Media Release informing all of you about our Delegation to the District of Mission Council meeting on Monday October 21, 2013 at 6:00pm. I (The Cat Father) have only 10 minutes to make my presentation.

As a courtesy to all of you, I am taking the liberty to forward my speech intact, that you may peruse, refer to, in the event you attend the Delegation and take notes, this can be a document to refer to, as well, given I may need to cut short some of my prose.

Indeed, I have provided the complete text to Mayor & Councillors, Staff and others so all can appreciate the complete context and complete information.


George F. Evens

Click here for a downloadable PDF: Mission Council Delegation

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