Gibson Would Like His Forever Family

By March 5, 2014Pets

In foster care- NORTH VANCOUVER

Here is what his foster home has to say…
Gibson is a fantastic dog!… a mix of Corgi, Lab and who knows what else? He has a great puppy look about him because of his short legs and big head. Gibson is a calm dog who would do well in almost any home. Gibson would also benefit from having a confident dog, with good doggie manners in the home with him. Gibson has shown no signs of separation anxiety and so can be left at home for part of the day. Gibson hasn’t quite figured out fetch, but loves his toy and keeps it with him as much as possible.

He’s a quick learner, though sometimes lets his excitement get the better of him. He has great recall, except if there is a new dog to meet. Though he is a pretty gentle dog, Gibson can be a bit demanding on new dogs, and needs to learn that he is not the boss of every situation. He would really benefit from a positive obedience class. Gibson is one of the easiest dogs I’ve ever fostered. He loves going on hikes with us. Gibson does have sensitive skin, but with a specific diet, vitamin C and salmon oil, it seems to be getting better, so this would be a necessity in his new home. Gibby is approximately 3 years old. He is a fantastic big dog in a little dog body who can’t wait to meet you!

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