Global Spectrum’s Abject Failure

By April 28, 2014What Do You Think?

As a Heat fan, and one of the minority that tried to be part of the solution after that ridiculous deal was signed. This week has been a lot more than bittersweet for me.

Having said that, I appreciate the clarity of your article. The facts that are coming out now, that I was not aware of, like the 1.3mill/year in hockey related revenue that the Heat never saw. And Global Spectrum’s abject failure to meet it’s target for the number of events/year make it pretty clear to me who the real failure is in this situation. Yet we are going to renegotiate with Global Spectrum and kick the hockey team out.

I hope when election time comes around you will be profiling all the candidates so those of us who will bother to vote (that’s a whole other post!!) can make an informed decision about our next city council.

From comments on ‘Mayor Confirms Heat Contract Illegal‘ by Vince Dimanno.

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