The Guerilla Gardener: The Real Meanings On Plant Tags And Seed Packages

By May 31, 2013The Guerilla Gardener

By Brenda Dyck.
“A favorite of birds” – means avoid planting near cars, sidewalks, patios or picnic tables unless you would like a white wash of bird poop on everything.
Hardiness Zones -no matter what the tag/seed package says it’s like sort of like playing Russian roulette. You take your chances!

Guerilla gardeners often discover microclimates in their yards close to the house that can be used to grow plants out of the average hardiness range. As long as it’s not rare or expensive take the risk!

“May require support” -means that unless you start it off with a support system in place you will be so frustrated trying to do it later the plant will be ripped out and relegated to the compost heap with vows never to grow that particular plant again!

“Moisture-loving” – there are two kinds of Guerilla Gardeners when it comes to watering; the “I drown my plant” kind of gardener and the I can’t remember the last time I watered” kind of gardener. Plants with “moisture loving”on the tag should only be attempted by the most diligent of watering types. All others had better have bog or swamp like place on their property if they want this type of plant to survive.

“Vigorous” – is code for “invasive weed masquerading as a garden plant”. Just think of how fast mint spreads when planted and you’ll get the general idea.

“Carefree” – refers more to the plant’s way of growing than to your gardening workload.

“Grandma’s Favorite” – these plants should only be grown if they are an especially fragrant variety. After all, a lot of the heirloom varieties quit being Grandma’s favorites when she discovered free-flowering, disease-resistant hybrids.

“Xeriscape Plant”- also sometimes labeled as “Drought tolerant” is definitely the type of plant for the “I can’t remember the last time I watered” kind of Guerilla Gardener. Don’t think of it as being lazy; think of it as being environmentally conscious by conserving water.

My experience is if “Soil Type” is listed on the tag it is the one thing that really seems to matter and should be followed whenever possible. As for “Sun/Shade Conditions”, just remember if it’s inexpensive and you can’t find room to plant it under ideal conditions it’s always worth pushing the envelope. And as for “Plant Spacing” why make more work for yourself any sooner than you need to. You will undoubtedly learn that things really do grow to fill the spaces the plant tags said they would … and that is how a Guerilla Gardener deciphers the real meanings on plant tags and seed packages.

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Brenda Dyck is a Fraser Valley writer AKA a Guerrilla Gardener
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Look for more columns from Brenda in the coming weeks.

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