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By March 29, 2014Fashion

By Brenda Dyck. While surfing the internet and shopping at various garden centers, I’ve been noticing a trend in gardening clothes that are sold as fashion items for the Master Gardener. Generally speaking, as a Guerrilla Gardener when I garden I alternate between two sets of fashion clothing.

First, the ones I have on when I suddenly decide to do some gardening, and then the ones I change into later when my significant non-gardening other tells me to get out of my decent clothes before I wreak them. If my husband’s not around I am frequently seen by my neighbors watering or pulling weeds in my good sandals, a dress, good skirts, business suits or other inappropriate clothing such as my pajamas. I once was even seen mowing the lawn after work in a skirt and high heels. This is not quite as crazy as it seems-the high heels almost act as aeration for your lawn.


However, if I have a reminder from my husband or good sense prevails (and it does sometimes happen) I will put on old clothes (AKA my ‘Raggedy Ann’look) before gardening. I usually end up smeared with dirt early on and somehow do not in any way seem to resemble the women I see in gardening ads. What can I say; we Guerrilla Gardeners are loveable but messy creatures.

Nevertheless, here are a few tips for the fashion conscious Guerrilla Gardener:

1. Hats– A cowboy hat, a bonnet, a top hat-you choose. Personally I don’t like wearing hats, but if you must (due to sunstroke, rain or being bald) at least keep it interesting.

2. One old comfortable jacket-choose a dark color so it won’t show the dirt and make sure the pockets are large enough for putting tools in or for filling up with seeds and cuttings liberated from somebody elses garden.

3. Gloves
– FOXGLOVES, these are one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!
Made of durable, breathable, abrasion-resistant Supplex Nylon and Lycra Spandex, these gloves will outlast and out-perform all other gardening gloves. Water-resistant material, available in 9 different colors with a tight-knit, four-way stretch fabric, provides a snug, comfortable fit. Machine washable and quick drying. These are expensive ($20-$30), but would make a nice gift.Hint, Hint!

4. Shoes-Sloggers and Crocs are the best gardening shoes there are! Easy to slip on and off, comfortable, water resistant and they come in a variety of colors. Just remember, no matter what anybody says.these are only considered fashionable when worn in the garden and are still considered quite dorky when worn in public!!!

Rubber Boots-Not just in black anymore. Rubber boots now come in flowered patterns and assorted bright colors and other patterns as well. Again-what’s fashionable in the garden is not always considered fashionable in public.

5. Accessories-
Rain gear: I consider this optional, after all if it’s that cold and raining who wants to garden anyways.
MP3 player or other music gear – this a must have- my $40 Zen Stone stores about 10 of my favorite CDs and helps me to tune everything else out.
Assorted plastic cocktail glasses (to be filled with alcohol beverage of your choice)-necessary to help you toast your successes and drown your defeats throughout the growing season. Note: Little umbrellas and colorful straws are a nice added touch as well.

So there we have it, not a fashion designer’s dream, but these Guerrilla Gardener fashion tips are guaranteed to make life a lot more interesting for you and your neighbors

Brenda Dyck is a Fraser Valley writer AKA a Guerrilla Gardener
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