Guerrilla Marketing For Your Biz

As of December 2011 there were more than 2,400 million businesses in Canada. Millions of these are small businesses with less than five employees. One of the things these small enterprises struggle with is how to market their product or service on a small budget. Their companies are too small to hire a full time marketing manager and the business owners’ aren’t sure how to market their businesses.

Local business coach and past nominee for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year, Wendy McClelland has just launched a new online training solution for those small businesses that are seeking marketing help but have limited funds.

As the first Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach in British Columbia, McClelland was trained by Jay Conrad Levinson (author of the Guerrilla Marketing books) and his team. She has taken what she learned from Levinson’s team and added her own experience in starting three successful businesses, and helping dozens of businesses over the past 25 years.

“I wanted to offer my skills and knowledge to all entrepreneurs, even those that can’t afford to hire me to personally coach them. I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned and created an online training system that includes eight videos and 13 workshops/templates that will help participants identify WHO their ideal clients are, and HOW to connect with them using the 25 marketing tactics I share in this series. By the end of the program participants will have a complete marketing plan to grow their businesses.”

The course includes dozens of tactics including Trade Shows, Joint Ventures, Press Releases, Workshops and more; as well it outlines how to create a marketing plan specific to each individual business.

Guerrilla Marketing for Your Biz is now online at and you can connect with McClelland at


This feature originally appeared August 23, 2013

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