Gwynne Dyer Challenges Students To Think Critically

By March 14, 2013Valley News

Submitted. Noted author and journalist Gwynne Dyer took on the controversial topic of global climate change as he addressed the Rick Hansen Secondary student body in Abbotsford (on Wednesday.) A best-selling author, Dyer is an internationally celebrated commentator whose columns appear in over 175 newspapers and 45 countries worldwide.

“The debate over global warming does not exist among the younger generation,” Dyer stated. “It’s because young people understand that climate change is a severe problem and it needs to be addressed. What they are happy to hear is that there are solutions to the problem.”

Manveer Tatla, a grade twelve student at Hansen who has been learning about the differing perspectives on global warming, recognizes the seriousness of the climate conversations. “There can be two extremes to the debate,” she points out, noting that she falls somewhere in between.

“I think it’s too extreme to blame all climate change on human actions but we can’t ignore the problem either.”

Dyer’s address was live streamed throughout the school to over 700 students as part of Rick Hansen’s Media Production program. Students watching in the classroom had the ability to send questions to Dyer via digital messaging.

Hansen principal Greg Sharpe welcomed Dyer’s challenge to students and encourages them to think critically about complex global issues.

“It’s not often that high school students have the opportunity be face to face with someone of Gwynn Dyer’s profile to help grow their perspectives on global events. It’s an honor to have him here” he said.

As a leading voice on geopolitically significant issues, Dyer is a much sought after speaker and is currently on tour in Western Canada.

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