Hawes Is A Poster Boy For Career Politicians

By October 17, 2014Letters

Dear Editor. Randy Hawes is the poster boy for career politicians and has a long history of treating constituents as insignificant. As an MLA, his “foot-in-mouth disease prompted him to use degrading and insulting remarks towards the Tsihqout’ln people who opposed the Taseko Mine’s proposed Prosperity Mine. And surprise folks!, Randy Hawes just happened to be one of the recipients of a political monetary contribution for his campaign as MLA by Taseko Mines. A local contributor alone gave him over $15,000.00. As a voter, perhaps it would be wise to know who the contributors are in advance to the elections unlike the present reporting afterwards, of individuals running for council and what the connection will be. You will see how the dots connect in Mission.

Randy Hawes was bounced out of cabinet by Christy Clark and his response was: “I’ve not run out of ideas” and “It seems I’ve run out of people in Victoria to listen to them.” I’m sure his next comment was extremely helpful to his political career when he said: “the liberals, under Christy Clark, have been campaigning for the last couple of years. It’s been extremely disappointing.” I’m sure Christy Clark gave him a big hug for that one.

Another one of his inane remarks was to the Mission DBA when he states: “no one shops in Mission anyways.”
Randy Hawes was a major player in forming the CRMG slate. He then announces he had made a mistake in forming the CRMG which is disingenuous at best. He then blindsides the group with some smear tactics so that he can announce his candidacy for Mayor. I’m sure Ted Adlem still has problems with the side effects from the lightning bolt and flash of white light in front of his eyes when “His Hero” did that to him.

My question to Mission residents: If Christy Clark bounced him out of cabinet, why on earth would we give an opportunistic career politician the keys to the city again when he was too eager to jump ship (shortly after he was unfortunately once again the mayor) to join the Liberals as an MLA? It’s really unfortunate that Randy Hawes, can’t graciously take his paltry annual pension of $53,000.00 and leave Mission to a new council that will move forward into the future. Randy, you best said yourself that everyone has a “best before date.”

On a final note, because Randy Hawes has a bad habit of demeaning others when it suits him politically or otherwise, I will keep the following quote in mind when I do place that mark on the ballot:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Claudia Evens

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